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Mastering Witchcraft: A Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks, and Covens by Paul Huson (1970)

Highly recommend this one

I support that! A nice change to read a book that’s not all ”love and light’. Though it’s important to look into where Paul Huson draws from.


The Ten Worlds
Yes.  The image above is the chart of Sefer Yetzirah, the Tree of Life, shown without the twenty-two paths, but superimposed upon the earlier Ceremonialmagic101 image of the Four Worlds. And there’s a reason for that: the geometry of The Tree of Life is based on the geometry of the Four Worlds layout — four circles representing the four elements, joined and delimited and connected by a single line representing Spirit.  Moreover, the Ten Spheres represent the intersection and interoperation of the Four Worlds.
Which is to say, that if you can draw the Four Worlds with a ruler and compass (more accurately, sadly, than the author can do with digital tools), you can draw the Tree of Life.
Our Ten Worlds here in this diagram are as yet nameless, and there’s a reason for that.  Different parts of the Western Mysteries use different names for these spheres; the Hebrew names are not the only options available. Even so, take the time to consider the relationship between the spheres, without knowing their names as yet.
First of all, note the three spheres at the upper part of the diagram. They are colored pure white, pure black, and an intermingling of the two in a balanced shade of gray.  The white sphere sits at the center of the World of Fire — a bursting-forth of pure brilliance and energy, unable to be restricted or bounded in any way.  The spheres of black and gray sit at the edges of the World of Fire — complete darkness on one side of the line, and the flickering edge of shadow.  These three spheres are rarely encountered separately from one another — we may pay attention to the Light, or to the Darkness, or to the Shadow — but none of these exist entirely without the other.  Indeed, all three of the Upper Spheres lie along the outermost, uppermost edges of the World of Air — the intellectual realm where ideas begin to differentiate one from another as they emerge from the mind of God.  To comprehend light-as-light is to also comprehend both shadow and darkness, and to understand the relationships between them.
In the next triad down, we see the primary colors, of blue, red and yellow. Just as light and darkness and shadow make themselves known one from another, so our intellectual capacities begin to distinguish how different light and energy and physical matter carries color to our sensation — and in another version of this tree, the Spheres are associated with musical chords, such that the Tree of Life is understood to vibrate with musical power, each Sphere humming a slightly different tune.  Black, White and Gray are almost purely intellectual experiences, but color begins to carry us into the world of emotion.  In another version of the Tree of Life, of course, these Spheres carry associations with planets and metals and plants — and these materials carry great emotional weight as well has assisting us with the understanding of intellectual matters. 
The Ten Spheres are, in another version of the Tree of Life, associated with the physical organs of the human body. The heart sits at the edge of the intellectual realm, but it is understood on the Tree as the center of the emotional realms, the World of Water.  In orbit around it, at the extreme edges of this World, is the red sphere of Anger (or severity), the blue sphere of Generosity (or kindness), the orange Sphere of Symbol (or language), and the green Sphere of Love (or desire).  Halfway between Symbol and Love is the purple Sphere of Imagination, the heart of the physical world and the transmission point where Spirit and the World of Earth meet and integrate with one another.  
Finally, the brown Sphere of Kingdom, right on the very edge of the World of Earth, represents the place/time you find yourself standing or sitting right now: in a lonely spiral arm of a relatively insignificant galaxy, on a planet at least six light-years from anything particularly important, probably in a backwater town far from a major city and a long way from the levers and systems of power that run and control your world.  
If you want to change that — if you want to have power, if you want to love and to be loved, if you want to rule, if you want mastery over yourself or others, if you want to be known and celebrated — the first thing you’ll have to do is stop thinking that if you physically move to a new place, things will be better.  No, they won’t: because all you will have done is shifted your Sphere of Kingdom… but all the old habits and behaviors and patterns will come with you, intact.  You’ll still be the same old person you were, with all your faults and fortes, all your strengths and weaknesses.
No, if you want to change the world, start right where you are sitting now:  Don’t change your Sphere of Kingdom, where nothing much ever changes — start with your Spheres of Symbol, of Love, and of Imagination. When you learn to imagine, and to love, and to communicate, your work transforms the Worlds of Water and of Earth.  
— ABWatt

Some translated versions:
Sefer Yetzira by Isidor Kalisch
Sefer Yetzira by W. Wynn Westcott
Sefer Yetzira by Ayeh Kaplan (the Gra version)
The earliest manuscript of the long recension of Sefer Yetzira (transl. by Ms. A)

Anonymous asked: Hi! I checked your FAQ and the spell page but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I'd like to make a calming jar for myself that I'd keep in my room. Do you have any suggestions?


  • dried lavender
  • dried chamomile
  • dried lemon balm
  • dried rosemary
  • dried lilac
  • amethyst 
  • rose quartz
  • lapis lazuli or sodalite stones
  • a few drops of lavender, chamomile or vanilla essential oil

think calming thoughts as you add the ingredients — think of happy memories, tranquil scenes (like waterfalls or a gentle breeze blowing through trees) and anything that helps you feel calm. cap the jar and shake it to blend everything together, while you continue to focus. the jar will have a nice, calming scent, so you could open it from time to time to benefit from that if you’re feeling stressed or anxious. if you’d like to seal it, use blue candle wax or a candle with a gentle, calming scent (lavender, vanilla, etc).


Candles: A light in the darkness and also a living flame that represents life force. There are many traditions that involves lighting a single candle in remembrance of the dead.

Coins: The ancient Greeks believed that the dead required coins to pay for passage…

astarofthesea asked: Hey! I wanted to start a garden this spring and wanted to get your take on what would be some good plants to start with? Thanks!



Depends on the type of garden! I’m an avid gardener, as you may know, so I’ll give you info on both regular and magical gardens.

If you’re planning just a regular ol’ garden, for herbs and flowers: 

  • basil
  • rosemary: a hardy little herb!
  • violet
  • thyme
  • mint: spreads like wildfire! Make sure you have it contained either by wood or rocks. Good in tea, though
  • marigolds: good for repelling bugs and rabbits
  • aquilegia: otherwise known as columbines. Plant them in small containers first, and then transplant.
  • nigella
  • astible: pretty, and generally really, really difficult to mess up
  • sunflowers
  • pansies
  • sweet peas: lovely flowers!
  • bee balm: attracts bees, butterflies, and smells amazing!
  • bergamot: used for tea! Same family as bee balm. Actually, any of the Monarda plants are generally great.
  • casual vegetables: such as peppers, beans, etc. Be careful of zucchini or cucumber: they produce a lotof vegetables for such a small starter plant, and spread very quickly. I’d recommend giving them their own space. 

If you’re planning a magical garden: 

  • basil
  • violet: these can be candied and eaten! Especially for Beltane, they’re delicious.
  • mint: same dangers as above! Keep those plants contained.
  • thyme
  • rosemary: always! It’s an all-purpose herb, used for replacing anything you may not have.
  • sage: growing your own is a great alternative to constantly buying it, especially if you use it a lot.
  • lavender: luck!
  • blackberry or similar brambles: the berries can be used in spells, and the thorny branches do wonders for protection and potential cursing, if you do use curses. 
  • calendula: fantastic offering flowers
  • dandelion: their bitter, crunchy leaves can also be eaten, yum! Great for encouraging people, and spreading ideas or influences. But just like mint, it spreads like wildfire, as I’m sure you already know. Make sure to keep it contained, and cut the seeds off before they float away.
  • rose: duh!
  • vervain
  • any bright, colourful flowers: if you work with Deities, specifically spring ones, you should keep a store of petals and flowers for offerings and blessings
  • yarrow: a little difficult for beginners, but a good witchcraft herb if you’re up for the challenge.
  • perovskia: known as Russian Sage, but the leaves are not edible.However, the flowers are! Use them in salad for a bit of a sharp, anise type flavor. Russian Sage is a euphoriant, meaning that is can be burned or smoked for its very, very small psychadelic properties. I burn it in bundles before ritual to cleanse the space. It’s a very hardy bush, and will grow extremely high.
  • ***POISONOUS PLANTS are a NO-NO for beginner gardens***:  poisonous  plants are way too dangerous for beginners to start with. Cross-contamination is a danger, as are beginner witch gardeners mispicking or mishandling them. Stay away from aconite (monkshood, wolfsbane), wormwood, and fungi.

Whew, that was a long one! Sorry it took so long.

Obviously all of these plants have different needs: shade, water, soil, etc. Let me know if you have any more questions!


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