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I know this is a touchy subject, and I’m really hoping that nobody get’s offended by this topic, but blood magic is a valid branch of magic that I practice and it has come to my attention that it’s really hard to find any good sources on blood magic. Keep in mind, I don’t claim to be any kind of authority, and this is all my personal practice. I’m more than willing to hear how others use blood magic, but please, NO SHAMING. If you don’t like blood magic, you’re free to state why, but avoid blanketed statements such as “it’s evil/wrong/sick/ect…” because, just because it’s not okay for you, doesn’t mean your morals and life experiences apply to everyone else.  


First and foremost, in my experience and learnings, blood magic is not evil. It is powerful. Big difference. Blood has a lot of connotations and associations tied to it, so it packs a bit of a metaphysical punch when you add it to a spell. What you do with that punch is all on you.

Physically, it is you. Or who ever the blood is from. This means a couple things. One, it is a stand in, and possibly the strongest representation of a person in spell work. Now, because it IS a part of your body, your blood only represents you, possibly family with blood ties, your blood can’t be used to represent another person. Also, using your blood in a spell will permanently tie the spell to you. As far as I’ve noticed, it won’t ever lose it’s focus on the target who’s blood is included in the spell.

The other thing I’ve learned about blood magic, is that blood holds “a charge”, be it intent, energy, or whatever, almost indefinitely. This helps keep a spell from fading over time. This is good, and bad. If you want a spell to last essentially forever, then use blood. I’ve come across spellwork from my grandparents that had blood, and it STILL had a very strong and clear intent attached to it. This also means that you have to actively dispel the intent and break the spell if you ever change your mind or decide you’re done with it. How you break the spell varies, depending on the spell itself and your practice, but it’s got to be a good, strong, solid break to the spell.

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A page in my book of shadows about the magic done during the different phases of the moon. 

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A Spell to keep your BOS (or any book) safe:What you’ll need (*required): -Ribbon or piece of fabric*-BOS or whatever book you want to keep safe*- White or black candle-Protection Herbs (Cedar, Sage, Garlic, etc.)
Make sure your ribbon/fabric is long enough that you can cut it in half and have a piece long enough to be a necklace/bracelet/whatever. Before doing the spell, sleep with the whole ribbon under your pillow, or wear it on your person for at least a day (so it gets your energy).
There are two ways to do this second part. You can either do it quickly by passing the whole ribbon through smoking herbs, or place whole herbs and ribbon in a jar or container for a few days (I would choose the latter for more potency, but it’s up to you).
When the time comes to cut the ribbon, light your candle (if you’re using one) and focus on protective energy, say a chant, whatever your personal style is. You can even anoint each end of the whole ribbon with blood or saliva to give it an even more personal connection with you (if you’re comfortable doing so).  Cut the ribbon in half, use one half as a bookmark in your BOS/book, and use the other half on your person (necklace, bracelet, keychain, in your purse or under your pillow).
Think of the term “cutting the cord” when women must sever their connection with their children.  Your book is a part of you, but you can’t keep it with you at all times.  This way you still have a slight connection with it even when you have to leave it at home/in your locker.
All this, of course, is just a suggestion.  I’m sure it would work just as well to simply cut a ribbon in half and skip all the ritual stuff.  I just like to give people options!
Edit: After rereading this, I realize it almost sounds like a horcrux spell.. that’s not what this is intended to be! It’s not attaching a piece of your soul to the book, it’s simply creating a spiritual tether to it, so it belongs to you and only you.  Just wanted to make things clear!

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Anonymous asked: What is a flying ointment? Like, what does it do?


Hello, a flying ointment is a salve or oil infused with psychoactive herbs it is a tool used by a practitioner to aid in trance, astral travel, and spirit work, to receive divine inspiration and to help release the spirit from the body, for hedgecrossing, for shapeshifting, or to enhance or access powers for magic, rituals, and spellwork.This is not a practice done by beginners or those who have not studied these subjects or learned about the plants you intend to use.
Ointments are usually rubbed onto the body to effect various magical changes. When anointing the body with the ointment rub a small amount to your wrist, arches, solar plexus , under arms.


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